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Queenstown; a World of Adventure, Fun, and Thrilling Rides

By Sara Branson, Posted on 25 Sep, 2021 at 09:07 pm

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Located in the breathtaking country of New Zealand, this stunning city of Queenstown is a place where all your thrilling adventures will be quenched for sure! The city is known as the world’s first bungee jumping arena and has entertained many visitors and tourists every year since then. Located on the Southern Island of New Zealand, this city is a must to visit for its sights and beautiful landscapes while having the best time of your adventures here from 1000 feet high grounds! Sounds thrilling, no?

With its spine-chilling arcades constructed on beautiful sights and sceneries, adventure seekers will find this place as a paradise for their heart-racing activities. This city of New Zealand entertains a million tourists a year for its thrilling skiing, snowboarding, and bungee jumping rides!

Things to See and Do in Queenstown:

Before we start with this phenomenal place and its luxe Queenstown hotels, let’s take a look into what this city is offering us from its diverse treasures:

What’s waiting for you in Queenstown?

While setting Queenstown as your tourism destination for the year, you'll observe the mains here, which are the adventure amenities of the city. But that's not all to this place! You can travel to the famous vineyards of the city, stroll around beautiful sunset spots, and more than that, you can visit the famous sites and local events that are almost free of cost here too! Sounds great, no?

When to visit Queenstown?

As far as the traveling seasons are concerned, you can visit this place for almost most of the year except for some peak temperatures such as during extreme winter and summer seasons. The best time to visit Queenstown, NZ for winter is June till August, whereas if you're traveling in summer, then the duration from December till February is the best bet for you! And if you want to travel during the spring seasons, then September till November or March till May for autumn is the most optimal choice for you to get most of this sprawling town of New Zealand.

Places to Visit in Queenstown:

To get you most of your trip, let’s discuss the hands-down best picks for your trip here, which are our favorite too:

The Remarkables:

Hola, adventure seekers! Want to start with that thrilling adventure of your right away? Then head straight to this beautiful snowcapped mountain range and Ski range of Queenstown, which hosts several local skiing events too! The beautiful landscape associated with it is the real deal here!

The Remarkables Ski Area:

For all those winter sports lovers, the famous Remarkables Ski Area is one of the safest skiing arenas to practice with your skiing and snowboarding skills and beautiful sunrises!

Lake Hayes:

This is one of the most beautiful spots here in Queenstown that you’ll ever visit! The mind-captivating lake views will mesmerize you with all its glory and charm, which can be observed here every day. So witness the changing colors of the Lake Hayes and get that most awaited picture you longed for!

How to Get Around the City?

Now that we’ve discussed the major laces and most optimal durations of the year to travel around the city, now let’s discuss the modes of commute that are the best fit for your personality! Have a look down below:

Via Buses:

The local buses are one of the most common travel modes here, and the fares are quite cheap. Special discounts are also available for tourists here. Overall the buses fares here are the most inexpensive ones, and 70% of the population uses this specific means of transportation.

Via Trains, Trams, and National Coaches:

The trains and trams here offer the best comfort in travels, especially when your destination is quite far away. The fares are slightly higher than the buses but are an economical mode of commute in the city.

Best Hotels to Book for Your Trip:

Now that we’ve discussed everything related to tourism here, now let’s dive deep into the best hotels in Queenstown to enhance the tourism experience here! See below:

Novotel Queenstown:

Located in the hub of a shopping spree, just exquisite Hotel of Queenstown is hands down the best hotel in New Zealand. The hotel offers splendid Lakeside views of Wakatipu Lake, and every guest here can enjoy the lushes green Alpine forest and the very famous spa and pool services. Guests here can enjoy 24-hour room service and a mouth-watering breakfast Buffet every day. You can also opt for an indoor dining facility.

Crowne Plaza Queenstown:

Located near the luxurious Novotel Queenstown hotel, luxury four stars Crowne Plaza Hotel in Queenstown is best known for its Lakeside and stunning mountainous views. The place turns into heaven during the winter season. The breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks during the chilly season are worth a wait! Guests here can enjoy a variety of Buffet menus served every morning that includes the signature dishes of New Zealand and any other international cuisines.

Copthorne Queenstown:

This luxurious 4-star hotel located in Frankton Road Queenstown is mainly famous for its breathtaking mountainous views from your private balconies. The hotel serves the best local cuisine and a wide variety of international dishes.

Holiday Inn Queenstown:

Located on an average of 5 acres of the stunning landscape just beside Lake Wakatipu. Enjoy here the mind-blowing panoramic views of the riverside and plan a fishing trip there. The phenomenal Lakeside restaurant and bar utilize local spices to handcraft the perfect international cuisines prepared locally. Each hotel room has a separate tea and coffee-making facility.

Kamana Lakehouse Queenstown:

Serving the best of Queenstown, this hotel is best known for its eye-catching mountainside views. The interior of the dining hall is quite exquisite and spacious, providing guests a somewhat private area for dining. Visitors here can enjoy beautiful Lakeside and mountainside views from the outdoor seating area where the restaurant is associated; the bar facility comprises art deco style furniture and interior designing having roof-length windows flaunting uninterrupted natural views.

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